Today after checking the seeds I noticed one of the pepperocini seeds had poked through the soil…upon further inspection by my favorite helper (my son), we discovered that two of them were poking through! 

Still waiting on bell peppers and some marigolds that I started to use around the perimeter of the garden.   Looking forward to getting the other seeds in the ground come May! 🙂


I was starting to get worried that our seeds hadn’t germinated.  I was wondering if the seeds had gotten too much water or been left out when it was a tad too chilly.

Then yesterday I checked them, as I do everyday while letting the dog out and whala!  Sproutlets!


I’m excited, and hoping the others pop up soon too! 🙂

This weekend my favorite little helper (my son) and I planted a few seeds in our starter containers this weekend.  He did a great job adding exactly what I asked and putting a seed in the middle then adding more on top!  Here’s hoping we have germination soon and little sproutlets before long!



Above are the seeds that I recently received from Botanical Interests.

The prices were good, shipping was quick, and they even included a seed starting guide…plus a free thank you packet of lettuce and a packet of tomato plant seeds!  They have lots of organic selections, which is why I choose them.  Check them out at


Here are a few more packs of seeds that I purchased from Walmart after some research about the marigolds helping prevent three wildlife from eating all of our veggies. 

Oh yes, plus a packet of green bean seeds, as I received a recommendation that they grow well in the southern Ohio area.

Plans are to start a few of my seeds inside this weekend.  More to come soon!

Coming Soon: Home Grown Goodness

This is the site of the future garden (in the fall), a.k.a. our large and lovely yard.  We’re planning for a relatively large garden towards the back of the yard.

Back story: last year we dug out the front of the house and made flower beds with bushes and flowers, and it turned out pretty darn good. So, since we’re working on changing our lifestyle and spending more and more on healthy foods like vegetables we’ve decided to grown our own garden! I will post progress, and hopefully delicious recipes with our homegrown goodies this Spring/Summer!

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